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Applicants for skills assessment have the right to have unsuccessful outcomes reviewed and, in certain circumstances, apply for reassessment of their application.


If your skills assessment application is unsuccessful and you wish to query the decision or seek further information on the decision you may apply for a review of the assessment decision.

On application, MiB will review the decision and provide you with a written explanation of the basis for the assessment decision.

There is no fee for a review.

Applications for review need to be submitted on an Application for Review, Reassessment or Reissue application form available below.


Applicants may apply for reassessment in the following circumstances:

  1. Where the applicant has lodged an appeal in respect to an unsuccessful assessment outcome; or
  2. Where the applicant has undertaken further training or work experience to meet a skills gap.

Applicants are only entitled to one reassessment per application, either through an appeal of the initial assessment decision or by addressing skills gaps.

Applications for reassessment must be accompanied by payment of the appropriate fee.

Reassessment resulting from an appeal

An unsuccessful skills assessment applicant who wishes to lodge an appeal of the assessment decision must do so within seven (7) business days of receiving written notification of the unsuccessful outcome.

Note: if the applicant’s visa application process has commenced the applicant (or their agent) is required to notify the Australian Dept of Immigration and Border Protection that an appeal against the assessment outcome has been lodged.

MiB will review the initial assessment decision and, if deemed appropriate, MiB will conduct a reassessment of the applicant within fourteen (14) days of lodgement of the appeal.

The reassessment will only consider information provided with the initial application. New information will not be considered.

MiB will notify the applicant of the outcome of the appeal within five (5) business days of completion of the reassessment and issue appropriate documentation.

Reassessment after addressing skills gaps

Applicants requiring reassessment after addressing skills gaps are required to apply for reassessment within twelve (12) months of notification by MiB of the unsuccessful outcome.

The application must include evidence of further qualifications, training or work experience as recommended by the MiB assessor.

MiB will, conduct a reassessment within eleven (11) weeks of date of receipt of the reassessment application.

The reassessment will review the new evidence and documentation provided by the applicant to determine whether the previously identified skills gaps have been addressed.

MiB will notify the applicant of the outcome of the reassessment within five (5) business days of completion of the reassessment and issue appropriate documentation and recommendations.

If the additional evidence does not demonstrate that the applicant has addressed the identified skills gaps the result of the reassessment outcome will be Unsuccessful and the application will be closed.

If an applicant wishes to have their skills assessed again, they must submit a new skills assessment application.

Reissuing outcome documentation

If you require MiB to reissue your outcome documents please complete the Application for Review, Reassessment or Reissue form below and submit this with the appropriate fee and MiB will issue you with a reprint of your outcome documents.

Download the Application Form