Evidence Guide

To obtain an Australian qualification, you must supply evidence of:

  •  your training, and
  •  prior qualifications (if any), and
  •  work-place experience

to show that you meet the requirements of the Australian Training Package for the relevant qualification and that you have the skilled employment, education and training, skills and knowledge to work as a tradesperson in Australia.

The Australian Training Package specifies the skills and knowledge required to work effectively in your nominated occupation and how these skills and knowledge need to be applied to meet industry standards in the workplace.

The evidence accompanying your application must:

  • Relate to the units of competency for your qualification, taken from the relevant occupational fact sheet. Evidence should be labelled and organised according to the relevant unit of competency.
  • Be your own
  • Be current – it must reflect work you have done in the last 4 years.
  • Be confirmed by a qualified person (where indicated below).
  • Do not submit original documents. Submit copies.
  • Be in English. If original documents are in a language other than English translated by an English translator (by a registered translation service) to be submitted.
  • Be clearly labelled and numbered.

It is recommended that applicants include a cover sheet noting each piece of evidence provided against each unit of competency.


Original documents must not be sent to MiB with your application. All documentation in support of your application must be copies of original documents.

Documentary Evidence

The documentary evidence you provide with your application should include:

  • Fully Completed application form (compulsory for all applicants)
  • Two (2) recent passport sized photos (colour, signed and dated) (compulsory for all applicants)
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Relevant passport pages showing name, photo and date of birth
  • Unique Student Identifier Number (USI) – only required if undertaking assessment in Australia
  • Evidence of name change(s) –  if applicable
  • CV/Resume providing a detailed summary of your education, training, employment history and tasks and including referee contact details. (compulsory for all applicants)
  • Certificate(s) of Qualifications – evidence of Australian qualifications (compulsory for pathway 2 applicants).
  • Academic transcript / Statement of Results (compulsory) for pathway 2 applicants.
  • Statement of attainment (for accredited short courses or partially completed qualification)
  • English translation of any documents/certificates provided, if originally issued in a language other than English, compiled by a registered translation service – If Applicable
  • Licenses and Industry Memberships – If Applicable
  • Third Party reports/Employment references must be on a company letter head for the nominated trade for a minimum of 3 years in total. Can be from multiple employers under paid employment with 12 months currency within the last 3 yrs.
  • Evidence of any additional training in support of this application
  • Evidence of self-employment (if applicable)
  • Recent photographic evidence.

Photographic Evidence

Photographic evidence in support of your employment history, skills and experience should:

  • show you working before, during and after the job and wearing the correct personal protection equipment (PPE)
  • include a description of what you are doing and why you are doing it.
  • Be verified signed by a supervisor or manager who witnessed you working
  • Be labelled where and when this task was completed and against the unit of competency to which it applies.

Video evidence

Video evidence in support of your employment history, skills and experience should:

  • Clearly identify the applicant performing the work and in a safe manner.
  • Include the applicant describing the work and the purpose of the work
  • Be submitted on a USB or CD using standard video file formats
  • Be labelled against the unit of competency to which it applies.

Employer Statements

  • Must be written by a supervisor or employer, and include information on your tasks and duration of employment
  • Be provided on company or employer letterhead.
  • Include the Employer or Superviser’s title and contact details.
  • May be original documents or copies.